Lord of the Rings - Audiobook Soundscape by Phil Dragash

In 2014, I went on a 3 weeks rock climbing trip with a friend. I don't remember exactly why, but I thought it would be a good idea to listen to a Lord of the Rings audiobook while camping and resting.

So I started to look for a good version and found Phil Dragash's version. He describes it this way:

J.R.R. Tolkien’s "The Lord of the Rings" unofficial unabridged audiobook. Not only read by me, but with music by Howard Shore (for the film trilogy), and immersive sound effects that provide the written word with a more lifelike experience.

At the time, each chapter was posted as a single video on youtube and each video had a 'mediafire.com' link in its description from which you could download the mp3. I went ahead and downloaded each mp3 to have a local copy of the complete trilogy. (we were camping in Kentucky with not-so-good wifi)

I'm really glad I did this, since we really enjoyed the books -- and finished it juuuuuust in time on the way back home -- but also I can't find the links on youtube anymore... Google will get you to the original mediafire links however.

Update April 2020

The books have been available from here for a while now and looking at the server logs, it seems like a lot of people found the links useful.

A little bit too useful. This page is now the #1 link on google when searching for "dragash lotr" and the network traffic it generates has become unreasonable.

For that reason, unfortunately, the following links will disappear Soon™.

Hopefully someone with more bandwidth can host this content so it doesn't vanish from the internets.
(That would be surprising given how easy it is to find nowadays... There are versions on youtube and soundcloud. Sharpen your google-fu)

Second update April 2020

Apparently the files are on archive.org now:

Hopefully this should allow everyone interested to get a copy.