Some random notes from playing Morrowind online with OpenMW and TES3MP on the Nerevarine Prophecies server.

Table of contents

Nuke spells

To deal a lot of damage and clear out lots of enemies at the same time, a good strategy is to use an Area of Effect (AoE) spell that combines:

The elemental weakness compounds with the magicka weakness to yield better damage from the elemental damage part of the spell.

For example:

When cast on an opponent without fire resistence, it should yield 300 fire damage.

Very powerful casters can even add multiple elemental weakness and damage parts to the same spell for more damage.

Successive nuke spells casts

From rudimentary experiments around 2023-05-19, it was found that if weaknesses parts of a previous spell are still active when casting a new spell, their effect is added to the new spell, but the weaknesses for the new spell will replace existing weakness effects.

For example, when casting a weakness to magicka 10s, then casting weakness to fire 1s+ fire damage 100 1s, the second spell will benefit from the first spell's weakness to magicka. A third cast, would not however, since the weakness would have been replaced by the weakness to fire spell (1s).

This information regarding weakness spell stacking is quite possibly Nerevarine Prophecies specific and might change in the future if the server implementation is updated.

With this in mind, it appears that a good strategy is to use something like this:

First spell (soften enemies for the actual damage spells coming up)
Weakness to Magicka 100pt 3s 50ft
Weakness to Element 100pt 3s 50ft (repeated for all elements for which the next spells will cause damage)
Second spell (full damage + weakness to carry over to the next spell)
Weakness to Magicka 100pt 3s 50ft
Weakness to Element 100pt 3s 50ft (repeated for all elements for which the next spells will cause damage)
Element Damage (for as many points and for however long the caster can afford)
... possibly other types of Element Damage spells
Third spell
Same as 2nd spell
Last spell
Same as others, but Weakness spells have a duration of 1s

This arrangement of spells makes it possible of have the full damage yield from all damage spells, while keeping the magicka cost to do so at a minimum.

The 3s duration of the weakness spell was chosen to allow the caster to switch to the next spell while the effect is still active. A lower value of 2 might be cheaper, but harder to hit consistently.

Using this technique with a single element Damage 100pt component in those spell should have a yield of 450 damage per second for each nuke.

The Magicka cost to yield ~10k damage using this technique is around 1000pt